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CRD316 Large Electric Pass-Through Window With Shelf And Observation Window


The CRD316 automatic clean room pass-thru window provides an automated means to transfer goods and materials between interior facility walls. This is a larger version of our popular CRD311 pass-thru window. Observation window allows increased viewing area of other room.

Our CRD316 offers a shelf, ideal for hospital pharmacies, instrument wash-up rooms and other environments that require constant exchange of materials between the clean room and other areas. Optical sensors on both sides of the window allow hands-free operation.

Technical Specifications
  • The CRD316 features automatic window operation; when product is placed on the shelf, sensors open and close the window
  • 120-240 volts AC required (non pneumatic)
  • Window requires wall opening of 62.5" High x 37" Wide
  • Actual window opening is 30” High x 36” Wide
  • The observation window 30” High x 36” Wide is located above the pass-thru window
  • For safety, the window will stay open until hands are clear
  • Constructed with quality-crafted, clean room compatible materials
  • Overall size 80" High X 48" Wide

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