Accessories for CRD120, 120SC, 140

Full Bushing Set

P/N: BS100

Six (6) bushing sizes and one (1) bushing stand.








Single Bushing Sets (Chevron Blade)

$59.00 each
  • BS062: 1/16"(1.5mm)OD
  • BS093: 3/32"(2.5mm)OD
  • BS125: 1/8"(3mm)OD
  • BS156: 5/32"(4mm)OD
  • BS187: 3/16"(5mm)OD
  • BS218: 7/32"(5.5mm)OD
  • BS250: 1/4"(6mm)OD
  • BS280: 9/32"(7mm)OD
  • BS312: 5/16"(8mm)OD
  • BS375: 3/8"(10mm)OD
  • BS437: 7/16"(11mm)OD
  • BS500: 1/2"(12mm)OD
  • BS562: 9/16"(14.5mm)OD




Single Bushing Sets (Razor Blade)

$59.00 each
  • SCBS062: 1/16"(1.5mm)OD
  • SCBS093: 3/32"(2.5mm)OD
  • SCBS125: 1/8"(3mm)OD
  • SCBS156: 5/32"(4mm)OD
  • SCBS187: 3/16"(5mm)OD
  • SCBS218: 7/32"(5.5mm)OD
  • SCBS250: 1/4"(6mm)OD
  • SCBS280: 9/32"(7mm)OD
  • SCBS312: 5/16"(8mm)OD
  • SCBS375: 3/8"(10mm)OD
  • SCBS437: 7/16"(11mm)OD
  • SCBS500: 1/2"(12mm)OD

Single Bushing Stand


Bushing stand.

Short Cut Razor Blades

P/N: RB100
$31.50 (Pack of 10)

Stainless Steel razor blades used in conjunction with short cut bushing sets.

P/N RB100

Chevron Blades

P/N: CB100
$15.50 each
Durable, Angled Cutting Blades, Hardened Stainless Steel.
Pneumatic foot pedal

Pneumatic Foot Pedal

P/N: P00069

The pneumatic foot pedal features a housing and base plate with full nonskid base pad.

Slide Block With Rotating Stop Arm

P/N: CD120-021
$ 59.00

Rotating stop arm allows for accurate cutting of 1" to 2-1/2" lengths.


Precision Stop for Short Cut


Adjustable stop pin, used for all cut lengths shorter than .925".



Foot Pedal Guard

P/N: P00600
Foot pedal enclosure to prevent accidental activation.